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Law & Order - The Fourteenth Season (2003-04 Season)

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Law & Order - Fourteenth Season (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 10/14/04

It's really amazing to think that Law & Order is just starting its 15th year on TV.  Most shows nowadays don't last five years, let alone three times that. I atribute it to two key factors.  One is the cast.  It changes frequently.  That's because it is a true ensemble cast.  The stories are what's important about the show, not the characters, or their love lives, or which actors play them.  So it doesn't matter if the cast changes, as long as the stories are good. Not that the actors aren't great, too.  They almost always choose fine actors for the show.

The second reason the show has lasted is because it takes stories from the headlines.  This keeps the show very fresh and interesting.  There are always more stories out there for them to come up with because in real life there are plenty of murders for them to write about.  Add to this the show's integrity and fanatical attention to detail.  They make sure that the shows are realistic and not overly melodramatic.  As they used to say on Dragnet, "Just the facts, ma'am".

I have watched the show off and on for years, but it's great to get the DVD for last season's shows so I can watch the ones I missed.  Along with the episodes, there are some great extras.  There are lengthy interviews with cast members Jesse L. Martin and Fred Thompson, as well as technical advisor Park Dietz.  Star Jerry Orbach gives us a tour of the set.  The only disappointing bit was something they called "Cast Profiles", which was really just a short advertisement for forthcoming DVD cast interviews.  I really enjoyed the cast interviews that they did include.

The DVD is well worth adding to your collection.  This is the last season for Jerry Orbach; he was replaced this year by Dennis Farina.  Like all of the L&O DVD's, this one comes with a nice box and a beautiful colorful booklet with episode descriptions.

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