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The Last Ship: Season 4 DVD cover


  The Last Ship: Season 4

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 6/1/18

I've never seen this series before, oddly enough. It's nice to get the 4th season DVD, but I'm going to have to go back and watch the previous seasons to catch up.

The show has a lot of actors that I liked on other shows, like star Eric Dane (From "Grey's Anatomy"), Adam Baldwin (From "Firefly"), Rhona Mitra (from "Boston Legal"), John Pyper-Ferguson (From "Alphas" and so many other shows), and Tracy Middendorf (From "Days of Our Lives").

This seems to be the type of show, like "Walking Dead," where they kill off a lot of characters every season. I have to admit, that's not my favorite type of show. I don't like when they kill off the characters. I'm also not too crazy about most post-apocalyptic TV series or movies, although at least this one is not as gross as, say, "The Strain."

The show has a lot of action, which any fan of action or scifi should enjoy. It has a lot of handsome actors, and those who like military shows will also enjoy it.

The 5th season, which is its last, airs starting September 9th.




Blu-ray and DVD Features an Exclusive 13-Minute Documentary, 
Behind-the-Scenes Look at Season Four and Character Featurettes

Embark on the latest journey of TNT’s hit series The Last Ship: The Complete Fourth Season, arriving on Blu-ray™ and DVD on June 5. From blockbuster filmmaker and executive producer Michael Bay (Transformers franchise), the fight to save mankind aboard The Navy destroyer U.S.S. Nathan James continues with an all-star cast including Eric Dane, Bridget Regan and Adam Baldwin.

Featuring all 10 episodes from the latest season, the Blu-ray and DVD includes 440 minutes of the addictive drama and must-see bonus features. The Last Ship: The Complete Fourth Season features an exclusive 13-minute documentary taking a look at how season four of the series follows Homer’s The Odyssey with Vincent Farenga, Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature at University of Southern California, as well as an interview with Steven Kane, showrunner, executive producer and co-creator of the series. The DVD also includes character featurettes and “Inside Season 4” with behind-the-scenes content. 

Season four of The Last Ship follows Tom Chandler (Dane) after he’s given up his heroic titles and responsibilities and sought solace –  and anonymity – with his family in a small fishing village in Greece. Meanwhile, Captain Slattery (Baldwin) and the crew of Nathan James have discovered that the virus has “jumped kingdoms” and now infects the world’s food crops, bringing humanity to the brink of global famine. As the ship traverses the Mediterranean in search of a solution that can save the world’s food supply, Chandler encounters his own enemies in Greece. His “hero’s journey” becomes a modern day retelling of Homer’s
The ​

The Last Ship season four also stars Charles Parnell (“Pariah”), Travis Van Winkle (“Hart of Dixie”), Marissa Neitling (“Leverage”), Christina Elmore (“Fruitvale Station”), Jocko Sims (“Masters of Sex”), Bren Foster (“Days of Our Lives”) and Kevin Michael Martin. The series is produced by Turner's Studio T in association with Platinum Dunes, whose partners – blockbuster filmmaker Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form – serve as executive producers. Co-creators Hank Steinberg and Steven Kane also serve as executive producers, along with director Paul Holahan. Kane serves as showrunner for seasons four and five, having previously served alongside Steinberg for the first three seasons.

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