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Review by Suzanne 4/22/07

Larry King Live - The Greatest Interviews

Larry King Live DVD cover

This is a nice set if you like celebrities or Larry King's show. There are three disks. The first disk is "Hollywood Film Stars & Legends". The second disks is "Presidents & First Ladies News Events & Scandals". The third disk is "Television Stars, Broadcast News Icons, Comedians & Unforgettable Moments".

It's really a fun set, especially if you have a short attention span. They don't show the whole interview, just clips here and there. They really pack a lot of stars into the disks. Larry King introduces each disk and makes comments in-between to introduce some segments. It is an interesting "Best of Larry King" set. Anyone who likes celebrities or entertainers should find it fascinating.

However, me personally, I would rather have had the full interviews. I would rather see it all myself and decide which parts to skip over or not, rather than have Larry King and his people choose them for me. I would especially like to see the full interviews for some of the older actors such as Bette Davis or Frank Sinatra before they died. I don't care as much about seeing people like Jennifer Anniston. They should release these full interviews as well so we can choose our own favorites. This is a good start, though. I definitely recommend it to anyone, of any age.

You might think this is enough for the DVD, but no, it has "Bonus Material", which is Larry King telling us stories about various guests he's had. This is fascinating and well worth watching if you like these type of celebrity anecdotes (which I do). It might be nice to have a segment where Larry's guests or his backstage people talk about him, though. Maybe Larry thought it would sound too conceited. Because this is about the celebrities, not him.

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Updated 4/22/07 


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