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 Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos


  Review by Suzanne 5/18/11

This is one of the standard Hanna Barbera cartoons they had in the early to mid-80's where they would take some celebrity and make a kid's show around him. They did tons of these things. They are all pretty much alike. The celebrity plays some hero character who runs around solving crimes, catching the bad guys, and teaching important moral lessons to kids.

Chuck Norris appears before each episode to introduce it, wearing his karate gear. The show did not last long. The entire series is on here -- all 4 episodes!

Young kids might like it. It has plenty of action and adventure. It's good for a laugh or for nostalgia if you grew up watching these kind of cartoons when you were a kid, or if you are a big Chuck Norris fan. It would make a good gift for a 5 to 8-year-old.

The DVD has no features or extras. Too bad!

Press info:

80's Action Heroes Get Animated!
The Warner Archive releases two classic cartoon series starring Chuck Norris and Mr. T

In addition to Chuck Norris: Karate Komandos, the Warner Archive is also releasing Mister T: The Complete First's an advance clip:

more details on Chuck Norris: and Mister T:

Here's the trailer to Chuck Norris: Karate Komandos:

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Updated 5/18/11  


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