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 The Jeff Dunham Show

  Review by Suzanne 6/10/10

I know many people who love this show and think it's really funny.  It is a very popular show.  I am not sure why. If you like puppets, maybe you would like it, but it's not the Muppet Show, that's for sure. It has very adult humor, like you would normally find on Comedy Central. However, it is not as funny as, say, South Park usually is. There were many puppets used on Crank Yankers, another Comedy Central show, but I have to say that even that show was funnier.

Humor is very subjective, though, so maybe you will like it even though I didn't. Apparently Jeff Dunham and his puppets are very funny. His "cranky old man" puppet, Walter, reminds me of those two old guys on the Muppets that used to sit in the balcony and complain. Another popular character of his is Ahmed the Dead Terrorist. This character is really not funny to me, just offensive. I don't mind if a character is offensive, as long as he's funny. This one is just stupid, the same lame joke over and over. There are other puppet characters, but I really really didn't think it was a funny show.

The show supposedly takes Dunham's puppets out into the "real world". That is an interesting gimmick, but it doesn't make it any more funny.

I have to note that it annoyed me that they bleeped the bad words, just like on TV. That makes no sense to me. You buy a DVD and expect it to be uncut, not like on TV. Also, there were no options for adding closed-captioning. I guess they figure that deaf people don't like puppets? I don't know, but that's terrible in this day and age. There were many great unaired scenes, behind-the-scenes segments, and bloopers, so any fan of the show will get great use out of the DVD.

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Updated 6/10/10  


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