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Into the Storm DVD review

Into the Storm

by Suzanne 12/28/09

This is a fairly good movie about Winston Churchill's years during the war and after.  It's not so much about the war itself as how he came to certain decisions. It concentrates on Churchill the man rather than on Churchill the leader.  It is sort of a sequel to the movie "The Gathering Storm".

The movie is fairly well written and acted.  These are not big stars but do a great job anyway.  My only complaint is that it jumps around a lot between the war times and afterwards, when he and his wife are on vacation near the beach and waiting to hear the election results.  It can be a little confusing.

If you are a fan of history, you will probably enjoy the movie.  They do a good job of showing Churchill as a person and husband, with all of his faults. They don't do too much to show much insight about why he acted the way he did, though. Perhaps if you saw the earlier movie, they would explain more about the why.  There were no extras on the DVD that I could see.

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