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Star Trek: Insurrection (Special Collector's Edition)

 Star Trek: Insurrection (Special Collector's Edition)  (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne 8/12/05

I have been a Star Trek fan since the late 60's, when I was a kid. I enjoyed most of the movies.  However, "Insurrection" was my favorite of the Next Gen movies.  I found the others disappointing, but I felt this one was as good as the other old Trek movies, as well as the Next Gen series.  The only thing that bothered me about it, really, is that I had read a Trek book written by William Shatner that had a lot of similarities, plot-wise.  I'm surprised I have never read that anyone else noticed how close the plots were.  Anyway, the movie is excellent.  It has both dramatic and light-hearted moments, as well as plenty of action and romance.  Even people who are not big fans of Star Trek would probably like it.

This new set has a lot of great extra features, including many behind-the-scenes shorts that I enjoyed, deleted scenes, commentary, and all the usual extras besides.  I enjoyed watching the movie a second time (the first time was in the theaters) and I might just watch it a third.

I don't know how Daniel Hugh Kelly (Sojef) stays so young...he was perfectly cast for this movie about eternal youth because he doesn't look any older than he did in the 70's when he played Frank Ryan on "Ryan's Hope"!  I thought all of the actors did a marvelous job, especially the always-wonderful F. Murray Abraham, and of course Patrick Stewart.

The movie is about how Data and the rest of the Enterprise crew protect this group of settlers from the Federation admiral and this other group of aliens who want to steal their fountain of youth (which happens to be their home).  The plots takes some nice twists and turns.

Check it out, you'll enjoy it, whether you like Star Trek or not.

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Updated 8/12/05  


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