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South Park: Imaginationland DVD cover

South Park - Imaginationland

by Suzanne 4/7/08

This 3-part was very funny. It probably would have been funnier in two parts, but there is just so much to see in the three parts that you'll probably enjoy watching it over and over if you are a South Park fan.

The premise is that Cartman has bet Kyle that he's seen a leprechuan. If he can prove it, then Kyle has to suck his balls. Of course, they do see the leprechuan. Then the story goes off into two different directions: Cartman goes to great lengths to force Kyle to do it, while Kyle goes to just as great lengths to avoid it. The leprechuan is an emissary from Imaginationland who is trying to avoid a terrorist attack.

This episode is really more like a movie than a regular South Park episode. They use everything they've got in this episode, making fun of just about everyone and everything. As usual, they mix satire with the profane and with the every-day.

Children should not see this as it can be very graphic and gory. The DVD version is even more "adult" as it is the Director's Cut. Having seen both the original episode and the DVD version, I'm not sure I can see a lot of difference.

The extras in the DVD include two storyboards (drawings of the show, with the voices added) and two other South Park episodes, "Manbearbig" and "Woodland Critter Christmas". Including these was a very good idea because the Imaginationland episode includes characters from both of those prior episodes. The other extras are commentary by creators Matt and Trey.

The DVD is worth getting if you are a South Park fan or collector.

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Updated 4/7/08  


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