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 Human Planet [Blu-ray]


  Review by Suzanne 5/18/11

There have been quite a few BBC/PBS shows and DVD's in the past few years about the earth, with breathtaking photography, nice narration, and beautiful music. One was "Life" and another was "Planet Earth". They are like the nature shows you used to watch in high school, only with a much bigger budget. They are interesting and fun to watch, especially if you are into the environment or like watching animals and sea creatures.  They are also quite educational.

This latest one, "Human Planet" is all about how human beings adapt in the various environments of Earth such as land, sea, and air. It is divided up into 8 episodes: Oceans, Deserts, Arctic, Jungle, Mountains, Grasslands, Rivers, and Cities.

The DVD also has some extras that are behind-the-scenes looks at filming some of the segments when they were dangerous or difficult. Both look at the filming from the point of view of how the cameramen and director had to work to set it all up, despite noxious gases or crashing surf, among other things.

I think anyone would enjoy this set. It really is good to watch, even if you are not into the earth so much. I don't usually like non-fiction shows, but this one is interesting enough that I didn't fall asleep watching it (unlike the ones in high school).  They showed parts of it on The Discovery Channel, heavily edited.

There are great reviews of the DVD at Amazon, too.

Of course the Blu-ray version is even more spectacular visually than the regular version! A great reason to finally get that blu-ray player...

Press Info

Human Planet is an incredible new series and is nothing like you've ever seen before. From the makers of Planet Earth, Life and Blue Planet, Human Planet focuses on humanities amazing, complex and profound relationship with nature. It weaves together 80 stories, many never told before, to illuminate humanity's uncanny ability to adapt and live in every corner of our diverse world. Each episode centers on a particular habitat, and by using innovative and cutting edge filming techniques, reveals how its people have created astonishing solutions in the face of extreme adversity.

The series ran on the Discovery Channel April 10, 17, and 24th followed by its DVD/Blu-ray release April 26th. It truly is an amazing series

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Updated 5/18/11  


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