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Tyler Perry's House of Payne 10 DVD cover


Tyler Perry's House of Payne Volume 10

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 3/3/13

I had seen the first season of this show and didn't really like it. Now, reviewing the volume 10 of the show on DVD, I find I really do like it. It's not your typical sitcom in that it is not all that funny, and it has lots of drama. I would say it's more like a light drama that is sometimes funny. The people in it are more real than they are in most sitcoms. They're not just acting silly and zany.

If you like Tyler Perry's movies, you'll probably like this show. I think the show is probably a little better than most of his movies... at least the ones I've seen. And contrary to what some people say, I don't think you have to be African-American to enjoy this show.

It's about a multi-generational black family and how some of them are struggling. The show's leads, Curtis and Ella, take in a troubled teen, DeShawn, so a lot of the stories focus on their raising him.  I think it's a very good show, and families especially should like to watch it together.

There are no extras, but there are many episodes. Give it a try!


Gather the whole family together for the hilarious and heartwarming episodes featured in Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Volume Ten arriving on DVD and Digital Download this March from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The tenth volume of this hit comedy finds Pops & Ella still praying for peace and quiet, but being answered with three generations of family - all in one house - that simply won't empty the nest. Fortunately, along the way they've discovered that by having a little faith and a lot of patience, everything always works out exactly as it's intended - with love and laughter! Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Volume Ten will be available on March 5 for the suggested retail price of $29.98.


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Year of Production:2012

Title Copyright: 2012 House of Payne, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Type: TV on DVD

Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Urban Comedy

Closed Captioned: English

Subtitles: English and Spanish

Format: 16x9 Widescreen (1.78:1)

Feature Running Time: 440 minutes

DVD Audio Status: 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital

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Page updated 3/7/13

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