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"House, M.D." - Season One

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House, MD - Season One (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  9/30/05

This is a great show, especially if you like Hugh Laurie (and I can't imagine anyone who doesn't).  He is not only the star of the show, but he gets all the best lines.  This may be a medical show, but it's really a comedy masquerading as a drama.  That's why my husband and I watch it: to see what House says next.  The rest of it--the plot, the guest stars, the other actors--are all completely secondary.

Luckily, the writing and acting are both great.  The show goes very fast, with no boring parts.  All the characters are interesting and play off House very well (and they are pretty, too, both men and women).  You gotta have pretty people, I guess, to distract you from some of the gross stuff they show (it is a medical show, don't forget).  Thankfully they are all top actors and not JUST pretty too look at. 

The extras on this set are very welcome.  Of course one always wants more.  You get to see all the background stuff of the show, about how it was developed and cast, a set tour, and some other things.

Pick this up, you won't be sorry! Then go watch the current season.  This is THE show to watch.

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Updated 9/30/05  


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