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Homie Spumoni (2006)

 Homie Spumoni (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  12/6/07

This is the worst-titled film in the history of movies! I didn't think I would like this movie, just purely based on the title. But it is not bad, and I really enjoyed most of it. It's a fun comedy which also sometimes surprises you with its insights into race and culture, as well as having some good performances.

The movie, somewhat based on the story of Moses, is about a black child that is found floating down the river in a basket, in Italy. He is adopted by an Italian woman who really wants a baby. Her kind-hearted husband, who owns a deli, lets her keep the baby, but they decide to move to the United States so that people won't be prejudiced against their dark-skinned child. Once in the US, they just tell the child, and everyone else, that Italians come in all shades (they don't let anyone know that the's really an illegally-adopted black boy). He grows up to be the ultimate Italian New Yorker, involving just about every Italian stereotype there is. He's even prejudiced against black people, which makes his father feel embarrassed.

The boy, whom they named Renato, falls for this Jewish girl, which seems like a bit of a complication in his life, but then things get worse when he finds out that he is really African-American. His whole identity up until that point has been Italian, so it really
throws him. His biological parents visit him after seeing him mentioned in a magazine, so he goes to stay with them for a while.

This is a fun little comedy, and it's very funny at some points. The actor who plays Renato does a good job of playing Italian. Whoopi Goldberg outshines everyone as his mom. Paul Mooney, a legendary comedian, plays his father well. Joey Fatone (most famous for his job in the pop group N'Sync) plays his best friend. Jaime Lyn Sigler, most famous for "The Sopranos", plays Renato's girlfriend. It's a very good cast that works well together.

My only complaint is that the movie could have been funnier. It's ok, not something that you just laugh all the way through. It's more a movie that makes you chuckle occasionally.

One of the features has Mooney, Fatone, and Tony Rock (who plays Renato's brother) going to a chicken and waffle place in Los Angeles (a soul food place). That was a lot of fun and worth getting this DVD for. It was better than the movie. Otherwise, it just has the usual features such as outtakes and trailers.

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