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Hogan's Heroes- The Complete First Season


Hogan's Heroes - The Complete First Season (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 5/17/05

I've always loved this show, so I am very happy to have it on DVD.  When I was a pre-teen, I just loved Bob Crane (well, to be fair, I liked a lot of handsome actors, and still do!).  The show is smart and funny.  It still stands up today; it's not dated at all, since it took place in the 40's but was written in the 60's.  It was just like M*A*S*H in that sense, but without any social commentary or preachiness.

It's still amazing to me that they would make a "funny" TV show about a Nazi concentration camp, especially since most of the viewers at that time remembered the war very clearly. I suppose what made it work is that the "bad guys" were all idiots and fools.  There were very clearly-drawn lines between the good guys and bad lines.  The only sympathetic German to speak of was Schultz, and he was not a Nazi, just a soldier putting in his time.  He was easily bribed and helped the good guys all the time, anyway.  He only cared about not getting into trouble.

Sure, the show was not very realistic, but it was just funny, so it didn't matter.  Although it was loosely based on the serious movie "Stalag 17", it was not very serious.  Mostly it was about how the good guys chased women and got their secret missions done (and they always got them done!).  I'm sure that folks who like military movies enjoyed the suspense of the military stuff, but to me it is just fun!

There were no extras, which is a shame.  Some of the cast is still alive (lead actor Bob Crane was murdered), so it would have been nice to see some interviews with them, if nothing else.

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