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Highlander The Series - Season 6

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Highlander - The Series (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 8/6/04

For some reason, I did not watch this series when it first ran. I'm not sure why because it is the kind of show I love: scifi/fantasy/adventure, starring a cute guy with an accent...I did see the movie years ago and liked it.

I started watching Highlander this year on Spike TV.  They did not air the episodes in order, and I missed them sometimes, so after the first run I started renting them on  I think I have watched all of the first three seasons now. One day I hope to buy them and watch them all again, in order.

If you like shows like Hercules, Xena, Alias, La Femme Nikita, Star Trek, etc. then you will probably like this show.  Some of its stories were not that great, but please remember it was a syndicated show and so they did not have the same production values or budgets as a primetime or cable show.  What matters is that it is a really fun show and has some great actors on it.

For those who have no idea what Highlander is, it is about immortals who live among humans.  They fight with swords to the death (they can be killed by having their heads chopped off).  Their slogan is "there can be only one", and presumably that last one will rule the earth.  The hero in the show, Duncan MacLeod, doesn't want to rule over humans.  He likes us and wants to protect us.  He avoids fighting with other immortals, but does fight when he has to.  His story is the ultimate tragedy because he constantly loses all of his friends and loved ones to death.  He has to worry about outliving people he loves, but most of them die violently in one way or another.  His mortal friends become victims of the immortals, and sometimes the immortals he has to kill are his friends, but they have gone mad or have some other reason they want to fight him.  He has no choice but to kill them, and yet he values life greatly.  It pains him to take a life.

Besides all of that, the fascinating part of the show is when Duncan flashes back to the past.  He has lived for 300 years, so he often reflects back on places he lived and people he loved.  He traveled all over the world through the centuries.  The show is very good about getting the period costumes and surroundings right, from what I can tell.

Like most series, as the seasons progressed, the show got better and more complex.  Duncan's girlfriend gets killed in the second season, so he gets more dour (even for a Scotsman!).  Eventually he finds love again., a few times in fact.  He moves a few times, too, so the series changes locales.  The sword fighting is great, but for me the interesting parts are the characters and the stories.  Most of the stories are very good.  There are some lighter moments, some fun stories, but most of the show is sort of sad, much like Duncan.

The actor who played Duncan, Adrian Paul, is very versatile.  He can do drama, comedy, action, and romance, all equally well. He does a variety of accents, too. I think he should be the next James Bond, personally.

I love the theme song, which is by Queen. I never get tired of hearing it.  There is a lot of background music by Queen, too.  Also, there are a few rock stars who guest star as immortals, such as Joan Jett, Roland Gift, and Sheena Easton.

The DVD's have good extras, such as interviews with the cast and bloopers.  I thought some of the sound of the shows was muted, but I have also felt that way about seeing them on Spike TV, too, so it may have something to do with how they were filmed.

Buy seasons 1-5 here:

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Updated 7/6/05  


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