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Hey Dude - Season 1 DVD cover

 Hey Dude - Season 1 (1989)

  Review by Suzanne 8/10/11

This is a live-action kid's show from the late 80's that aired on Nickelodeon. It lasted two years. Basically, these teenagers work on a "dude ranch" for the summer.

Of course, like all kids' shows, it is about the trouble they get into. It's not serious trouble, of course!

The disk set has all 13 episodes, and a bonus feature. The feature is a lengthy interview with Christine Taylor, who starred as Melody, the lifeguard.

Anyone who watched this show growing up should enjoy this set. Even though there are some very 80's style, it's not too bad, for the most part. You can ignore the mullets if you show them to younger kids. I think any kids should enjoy the set. They are very innocent and cute, and wholesome.

More info:

Shout! Factory is releasing the 2-disc set Hey Dude: Season 1 on DVD July 19
Featuring all 13 episodes, this is the first ever DVD release of Hey Dude. A new interview with star Christine Taylor is included as a bonus feature.

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Updated 8/10/11  


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