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Hawaii Five-0: Season 4 DVD cover


Hawaii Five-0: Season 4

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 10/5/14

I watched the first episode of this show, season 1. I thought it was okay, but not worth watching because it was kind of boring. I love the actor who stars in it, but they cut his hair and made him more of a military guy (not my kind of thing).  I have friends who liked it and watch it, though.

Fast-forward to now and I live in - guess where? Hawaii! Right where they film the show and where the action takes place. In fact, I've seen them out filming. Let me rephrase that. I've seen camera crews out on the streets, and all of their attending trucks and security, filming this show, and movies, out near where I live. It's a really big deal here. I heard from a good friend that he happened to see Jorge Garcia in the Downbeat Cafe, which is about 3 blocks from here, and a place I go every Sunday! So far my luck has not been good. I haven't seen any of the cast. You know I'll be keeping my eye out.

Anyway, after watching this DVD, I have to say that it's really an action show, even more than it is a cop show. In fact, it really reminds me of another show: "NCIS: Los Angeles".  Both shows are very unrealistic cartoons. They make you think there is lots and lots of crime on the streets, and many terrorists, and lots of shootings and other murders. They're like fun popcorn movies where you just sit back and enjoy the thrill ride and cheer for the good guys. While you're not paying attention, the characters and their relationships draw you in and make you care for them, even though you could have sworn that you didn't even know these people or who they are.

The cartoon factor is even more obvious in a show set in Hawaii. We all know that there's plenty of crime and violence in Los Angeles (of course, not nearly as much as they show on TV), but here in Honolulu, it's laughable. We have very little crime here, and almost no shootings or violence. We live on an island and it's very hard to bring guns here!  I'm not saying there's NO crime, but most of it just bar fights or things like theft or domestic abuse.  People aren't shooting each other, or at the cops.  We have a lot of poverty (very expensive to live here) and many many homeless, but for the most part, people are laid back. Even the homeless barely ask for money or bother people as they walk by (which is something I've never seen with the homeless in other cities). Maybe it's the Aloha spirit here, or the fact that there are many big families where people take care of each other, or maybe it's the heat, or maybe it's all the pot people, but people here are very nice and relaxed, and friendly, just like you see in the tourism commercials.

I hope I didn't burst anyone's bubble about "Hawaii Five-0". Enjoy the show, anyway. The DVD's, like so many of the CBS DVD's, have tons of great features. See below. They're worth watching!


HAWAII FIVE-O (2010) – THE FOURTH SEASON – Out September 16


With the spectacular beauty of Hawaii as a backdrop, the fourth season of the action-packed series arrives on DVD loaded with exclusive special features highlight the making of the thrilling show. In addition to interviews with the cast and crew, to a celebration of the series fans across the globe, the newest collection includes “Aloha Action,” an explosive look at the breathtaking stunts that make HAWAII FIVE-O one of television’s biggest hits.

The action-packed series starring Alex O'Laughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, Hawaii Five-0: The Fourth Season, arrives on DVD featuring 22 episodes in addition to exclusive bonus footage, behind the scenes looks and interviews with the cast and crew. The Hawaii Five-0 team faces some of their biggest challenges yet as they fight to keep paradise safe from the most dangerous criminals on the islands.  Joining the team this season is Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride), who recently moved his faimly from Chicago to head the SWAT unit on the island.

Special Features: *Shoreline: Season 4 - Dive into the fourth season with series cast and writers
*Aloha Action! Season 4 - Take a look at the season's biggest stungs.
*Designing Five-0 - Watch in-depth interviews with the show's art department and take a look at some of their biggest designs for the latest season
*A Celebration Like No Other - Join dedicated fans from across the globe who converged on Waikiki Beach for the Season 4 Premiere
*The Making of "Ho'onani Makuakane (Honor They Father)" - Find out how the episode came together, explore the history behind the Japanese internment, and the lengths products went to ensure period authenticity.
*Plan of Attack - Get a detailed look at the visual effects magic created to simulate the attack on Pearl Harbor.
*Captain Lou Grover - Enjoy this fun profile of the character portrayed by Chi McBride.
*King's Oh So Sweet Hawaiian Recipes - The six-part web series features shrimp truck Granddaughter of King's Hawaiian founder, Robert Taira
*The Reunion - To celebrate Jorge Garcia's guest appearance, sit down with Garcia and his former "Lost" castmates Daniel Dae Kim and Terry O'Quinn as they discuss reuniting on the set of "Hawaii Five-0"
*From the Fans to the Fans - Go behind the scenes of the fan-built episode "Ho'i Hou (Reunited)"
*Gag Reel
*Deleted Scenes

Specifications: Full Screen Format
English 5.1 Surround
English Stereo Surround
English SDH
Latin American Spanish Subtitles
Brazilian Portugeues Subtitles

Rating: Not Rated

Runtime: 15 hours, 58 minutes

SRP: $64.99

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Page updated 10/15/14

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