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  Review by Suzanne 5/11/10

This is a great movie, no matter who wrote it or who stars in it.  If you have never seen it, this is a great treat. I can't really compare it to previous versions because it's been so long since I've seen them. This is a really enjoyable movie.

If it were written today, it would still hold up as a great drama with interesting plot twists and characters (ending is a bit of a downer, though, for today's audiences).  Of course it is still in Shakespeare's speech, which sounds a little odd now, but the actors do a great job of conveying the meaning of the words.  They really make it come alive. The story, rather than being set in the past, seems to be set in modern times, or at least modern dress. I never really understood why they would do this. I guess they figured it would be easier for the audience to relate to, but it seems kind of silly when they are still saying the old dialogue.

I love David Tennant from when he was on "Doctor Who", and he does not disappoint here as the mad Danish prince.  Seeing him in this almost makes me miss him a little less on Doctor Who...Patrick Stewart, of course, is awesome as both the dead father and the murderous uncle Claudius.  If you like ghost stories, you will like this. If you like plots that twist and turn, you will this. If you just like good stories and acting, you will like this. Get thee to a DVD store and buy it now!

It is also available on Blu-Ray as well as regular DVD. The extras on the regular version include the audio commentary and a short feature "The Making of Hamlet", which I found fascinating.

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Updated 5/11/10  


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