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Half-Baked (movie) Fully Baked Edition (starring Dave Chappelle)

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Half Baked (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 2/15/05

This movie was not bad like I expected it to be.  It came out in 1998 and they are re-releasing it now with more extras because Dave Chappelle has become very popular, due to his Comedy Central show.  They probably figure his fans would love this movie, and they would probably be right.

Chappelle co-wrote and stars in this funny little movie about four stoner friends.  It's not as "edgy" as his comedy show, but it has moments that really make you laugh. I'm sure if you are a pothead, it's even funnier (even if you aren't stoned while watching it).

I would definitely recommend it to people. It's like one of those Cheech and Chong reefer movies, or maybe even better.  The plot moves along nicely and the ending is not stupid or weird.  These things are important to note because in many low-budget comedies, you're lucky if they have a half-decent plot or funny jokes.  There are some great cameos by Tommy Chong, John Stewart, Bob Saget, and others.

The movie has many great extras.  Besides the regular deleted scenes and director's audio commentary, there are some cartoons, an alternate ending, and a couple of funny skits.  This is definitely worth a watch.

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