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"The Green Mile" Review by Suzanne 11/11/06

The Green Mile (Two-Disc Special Edition) (1999)

I read "The Green Mile" years ago and really enjoyed it. I recall that parts of it were very sad, so I was reluctant to see the movie for that reason. Also, movies are seldom as good as the book. Now that some time has passed, I was ready to watch the movie.

It is an excellent film. I see why now that it was nominated for so many awards. The actors in this movie are all fantastic actors with long careers of Emmy and Oscar wins, and for very good reasons. What a phenomenal cast. Tom Hanks is just one of a long list of great actors in this film. That reason alone is a good enough one to watch it.

The story is solid and translates very well to film, unlike other Stephen King novels. Yes, amazingly, it's a Stephen King novel, even though there is very little that is supernatural about it. Well, it has slightly more supernatural elements than, say, "The Shawshank Redemption", but that's about it. It is a very compelling story, at any rate. It is not just about prison life. The characters are very well-fleshed-out by the writing and the actors.

It should have won Academy Awards instead of just getting nominations, but that was a tough year, so I guess those are the breaks.

Anyway, it was a very good movie that every adult should watch. It is not a movie for children. If you are squeamish about anything, you might not want to watch it. It has some intense scenes, plus a few gross things like spitting, drooling, and peeing. They are integral to the story, not gratuitious, but can be kind of gross if you are not used to that sort of thing. I would say that if you get squeamish, watch this on TV where some of those parts are edited. It should not suffer much from editing.

I only have two complaints about this fine movie. One, it is very long. That is because it was a very thick book and they didn't leave much out that they didn't have to. Secondly, the story is one that is definitely written by a white guy because it perpetuates the stereotype of the black man as something different than us, something not quite of this world (in this case, magical). Hopefully this will not impair your enjoyment of the movie.

There are a ton of extras on this special two-disk set to make it worth it. There are deleted scenes, director's commentary, specials about the making of the movie, screen tests and makeup, tests, and more. They clearly did a lot of work to make this set special. This movie is worth it.

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Updated 11/11/06 


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