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Gotham: The Complete Second Season DVD cover


Gotham: The Complete Second Season

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 12/1/16

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.

I watch this show every week and never miss it, along with "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," "Arrow," "Supergirl," and "Flash!" I'm a sucker for any comic book shows or series, especially great ones like this. "Gotham" is from a different universe than the other DC shows on CBS and The CW, so they don't do any crossovers. It would be difficult, anyway, since Batman is a child in the show and not yet a hero. I've really loved this show since it started, and it gets better every year. I love the dark humor and the twists and turns of the plot.

In this season year, Jim Gordon is not as much of a good guy as he was in the first season. Things really get amped up for Penguin and Riddler, among others. It's a very dark and twisted show, but I love it. There really isn't one thing I don't love about it. Although I love all of the superhero shows, I think this one is probably my favorite. It's really the other side of the coin from "The Flash." It's the dark to Flash's light. Both shows are fantastic, though.

The big villain in this season is Theo Galavan, but there are just so many villains that it's really almost hard to keep track of them.  We get teased about the Joker, who doesn't really appear in the flesh (but perhaps in spirit). Bruce and Alfred get even more into the action. It's great to watch how Bruce evolves.  In a way, it's a shame that this show will not last long enough to see him turn into a man and be Batman. That would be awesome. TV shows just don't last that long, especially superhero shows. It would have to be on the air at least another decade or so. Unless they age the characters and jump ahead a few years.

The DVD has many great features to keep any fan busy. It has over 90 minutes of special features. I just wish they were all on one disk, but Warner Brothers likes to spread them out among the disks. I find their menu on this one to be kind of irritating and hard to use, too.  The features are well worth watching, though.

If you haven't watched the first season, make sure you go back and watch that first before viewing this one, or you won't know who's who or what's going on.  Enjoy!


Building on the momentum of its wildly successful first season, Gotham turned up the heat with a villain-centric second season. Gotham: The Complete Second Season includes tons of in-depth featurettes, including comic-con panel and character featurettes. Gotham: The Complete Second Season is available now on DVD ($49.99 SRP) and Blu-ray including Digital HD ($54.97

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