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 Funny or Die Presents: Season One


  Review by Suzanne 1/1/11

"Funny or Die" is a really funny website with skits by Will Farrell and Judd Apatow, among many others. I don't know why they thought they should make it into a TV show. Very bad idea. It's just not funny.

The website shows the funniest videos. Fans vote on the videos, so you see the good ones on the top. There is no such filter on the HBO series, which is a shame. I thought that is what focus groups are for? I guess not. We tried watching a few episodes, but it was just too awful and boring.

HBO had a very funny skit show in the 90's called "Hardcore TV". It wasn't that great, but it was fairly funny. Way funnier than this one. They should find those and air them again. I have many on tape and people are always asking me for copies.
Anyway, this may be the worst skit show ever on TV. The opening credits are the best part. The horrible thing is that big name actors like Don Cheadle appear in the skits. Well, just goes to show you that being talented, rich and famous does not mean you always know what's funny.

Instead of renting or buying this DVD, go to and watch the great videos there. You will laugh a lot.

Press Release:

 Spawned by the Celebrated Masterminds Behind the Hilarious Funny or Die Website - Will Ferrell, Adam McKay & Chris Henchy!


Exclusively from HBO Home Entertainment(r), Two Disc Set Hits Stores On January 11, 2011

New York, N.Y., November 3, 2010 - In a technological innovation of massive proportions, executive producers Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy have done the unthinkable - they have merged TV with the Internet with Funny or Die Presents! Based on the popular comedy web site,, this half-hour late-night comedy series from HBO(r) provides some of the sharpest writers, actors and comedians in the business free rein to create off-the-wall sketches, animations, music videos and more. Featuring unexpected guest stars in even less expected roles, Funny or Die Presents: The Complete First Season crosses lines you never even knew existed. The two DVD set, featuring all 12 episodes in the series, will be available on January 11, 2011 for the suggested retail price of $29.98.

Definitely not for the kiddies, Funny or Die Presents features an outrageous collection of disparate sketches loosely showcased within the framework of a "network" that features 70's style washed out graphics and music, and hosted by a decidedly unhip, white-haired spokesman who looks like he just walked off a used car commercial. With subject matters like "Playground Politics," "Sleeping with Celebrities," "Casual Sex," "Holdup," "Drunk History," "Designated Driver" and more, this riotous series features wildly funny performances from film and TV luminaries such as Will Ferrell, David Spade, John C. Reilly, Don Cheadle, Zooey Deschanel, Fred Willard, Ed Helms, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Zach Galifianakis, Richard Lewis and Jen Kirkman, as well as favorites like Derek Waters, Eric Sloven, Leo Allen, Paul Scheer, Rob Riggle, Mike O'Connell, Jennie Pierson and David Neher.

Marketing and Advertising

Funny or Die Presents will be supported by a national online promotional and publicity campaign. Funny or Die Presents DVD

Street Date: January 11, 2011

Order Date: December 7, 2010

Rating: TV-MA

Runtime: Approx. 360 minutes

Price: $29.98 DVD Suggested Retail Price

About HBO Home Entertainment(r)

In its 25 years in operation, HBO Home Entertainment has earned a worldwide reputation as a pioneer in the DVD industry as well as the digital technology and internet frontiers. The first company to successfully release full-length TV series in the DVD format, HBO Home Entertainment created a new category for consumers with titles like Sex and the City(r), The Sopranos(r), Band of Brothers(r) (which remains the #1 selling TV-on-DVD since its release in 2002), and the most recent hit True Blood(r). In addition, HBO Home Entertainment's catalog contains theatrical features such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, one of the top 10 selling DVDs of all time. The company was also the first in the world to release television programming in the new Blu-ray high-definition format in 2006. It was also one of the first in the video industry to use the internet to expand its marketing beyond traditional vehicles and to revolutionize DVD packaging with the creation of releases that have won multiple awards including a recent DVD Critics Award for The Sopranos(r): The Complete Series - a first for television. In addition, the division utilizes innovative manufacturing-on-demand technology to broaden its number of releases and sells digital versions of its titles via the internet. Today, HBO Home Entertainment's reach has grown to over 70 countries around the world, bringing HBO branded entertainment to a global audience.

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Updated 1/1/11  


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