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Full House - The Complete Eighth Season

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 Full House - The Complete Eighth Season

  Review by Laurie 1/5/08

Season eight was the final season of full House. Back when this series began, it was merely the story of a young widower trying to raise his three daughters. We soon learned a family doesnít have to include a mother and a father. In this series, the family consisted of three men and three children. Though the children had no mother, they were raised in a loving and functional home. Danny Tanner was a stable and caring parent. With the help of his best friend, Joey, (Dave Coulier) and his bother in law, Jesse, (John Stamos), Danny (Bob Saget) won us over. Through the years, the stories were sweet and sometimes educational. More often than not, a lesson was learned while watching an episode of Full House.

There are many things to embrace about Full House. First, it stars one of my favorite soap stars, John Stamos. He played the handsome, Elvis like uncle Jesse. Stamos, along with comedians, Dave Coulier and Bob Saget had really great chemistry with on screen children, Candace Cameron, Jodie Sweetin, and the Olsen twins. The fact that the show had comedians on it made it even funnier. I also really love that this is a show parents can watch with their kids. Itís a shame we donít have more family oriented comedies on television. Watching the kids grow up from season one until season eight was fun for me. Full House was a sweet and funny series. If youíre looking for a DVD thatís appropriate for almost any age, this is the one for you.

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Updated 1/5/08  


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