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Review by Suzanne 7/24/07

F Troop - The Complete Second Season

F Troop 2nd Season DVD cover

This is a great classic comedy of the 60's. My family always watched it (I think my mom had a thing for Ken Berry) and laughed a whole lot at the dumb jokes and pratfalls.  It really is one of the funniest shows of its time and of its type. 

Watching this DVD set, I can tell that its humor holds up even today.  It is not nearly as dumb as I remembered. That is a great relief because so many shows that I enjoyed as a child have not worn well with time.

Kids and adults - everyone should love this show. The only people that might not like it are Native Americans or people who are overly-sensitive to Native American political correctness.  The Indians in this show are no worse than anyone else on the show, but they are not played by actual Native Americans. They are mostly played by Italian and Jewish comedians.  The Indians are cowards, but so are the soldiers, so that's fine.  But there are plenty of bad Indian stereotypes and jokes about them. That can't really be helped because that's just the way TV was back then.

The only extra is a short special about the show.  It is hosted by some producer that clearly is a fan but doesn't seem to have any actual connection to the show.  Ken Berry and a couple of other actors speak in the special, which is great.  Many of the others, sadly, are deceased.  It's worth watching if you are fan, but it's pretty boring if you're not.  It sounds like a PBS education film.  It's not very long, though.   Despite this, the DVD set is worth watching.

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Updated 7/24/07 


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