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 Frosty's Winter Wonderland

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 12/5/11

I saw the original "Frosty the Snowman" special when I was a kid, but I don't think I saw this one. It's from 1976, so I was already a bit too old to watch it.  It's a fun cartoon, though, and one you could watch with your kids and not be too bored.

The basic story is that Frosty gets bored and lonely when the kids he plays with go home to their parents, so they decide to make him a wife. (I was laughing as I watched it, thinking of "The Bride of Frankenstein"!) They also run afoul of Jack Frost, who is kind of miffed that the kids like spending so much time with Frosty and don't like him.

Of course, being a cartoon, things end up okay in the end. Andy Griffith is the narrator, and he also appears briefly and sings a song or two. Actress Shelley Winters is the voice of Crystal, the snow wife. Singer Dennis Day is the voice of Parson Brown.

There are some good tunes in the special, especially "Winter Wonderland", of course.  It's fun for everyone. Make sure to get this one for your kids, and they will love it.

There are also two fun extras. One looks at the history of Snowmen, and the other looks just at Frosty. They are both interesting and educational.

More information:

From beloved song to animated holiday classic: Frosty meets his match in a glistening Remastered Deluxe Edition! Andy Griffith, Shelley Winters and Jackie Vernon lend their voices to this captivating cartoon about the Snowman?s winter return to the children of a small town for a winter season of fun and games. But he?s lonely at night when left by himself. So the grateful kids build him a beautiful snowlady companion. Jealous of the attention given Frosty, Jack Frost blows up a blizzard and swipes Frosty?s magical, life-giving hat. Only true love can bring Frosty back to his old fun-loving self. Two songs that have proven to be enduring seasonal favorites highlight the soundtrack: Frosty the Snowman and Winter Wonderland.

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Updated 12/6/11  


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