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 Fringe: The Complete Second Season


  Review by Suzanne 9/21/10

I love Fringe and never miss an episode. I also love collecting DVD's for my favorite shows (whether or not I even watch them). If you liked the X-Files, you will probably love Fringe. Both shows are about FBI agents that chase weird phenomenon. Fringe is a little different, though, in that all of the weird things are linked to the fact that one of the characters, Walter, ripped a doorway between our dimension and another one that is very similar to ours. As we learned in the first season, and learn more about in the second season, a lot of weird things leak over from that universe to ours. Also, Walter and others have done experiments that lead to weird things, which go awry. And lastly, people from the other universe have started a war with our world, so they send over soldiers (including shapeshifters) to wreak havoc in our world.

Although you could easily start watching this set of disks without having seen the first season, you really don't want to do yourself the disservice of missing the first season. Go rent or buy that one, and then come back and watch this one!!

Each disk has some features about the episodes on that disk. "Analyzing the scene" has the actors and production people talking about one of the episodes and shows some of the behind-the-scenes stuff, like stunts and special effects. There are some deleted scenes (called Dissected Files) and some commentary about one of the episodes. There are also two other features on disk three: a gag reel and a special about the unusual special effects on the show.

Explore the Endless Impossibilities as Warner Home Video Releases FringE: The Complete Second SEason ON BLU-RAY(tm) AND DVD ON September 14, 2010

Loaded with Over Four Hours of Exclusive, Thrilling Bonus Features

BURBANK, CA (June 17, 2010) - When the unimaginable transpires on screen, you know Fringe creators J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (the team behind Star Trek, Mission: Impossible III and Alias) are behind it. Witness as the impossible becomes possible and worlds literally collide when Warner Home Video releases the hit TV series Fringe: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray(tm) and DVD on September 14, 2010 for $59.98/ $69.97.

Return to explore the boundaries of a mysterious mythology that holds millions of viewers in its hypnotic grasp. Season two of Fringe contains worlds (and alternate worlds) of excitement complete with shape shifters, cryonic heads, belly-dwelling beasts and people who turn to ashes before our eyes. But the overarching narrative takes the FBI's Fringe Division - which includes Special Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv - The Pacific), formerly institutionalized "fringe" scientist Walter Bishop (John Noble - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King) and his son, Peter (Joshua Jackson - Dawson's Creek) - through a mind-bending investigation of a parallel reality that threatens to destroy ours. The impossible is here in a series that The New York Times says offers "the most satisfying, coherent story arc of any science-fiction-flavored primetime drama."

Fringe is executive produced by J.J. Abrams, Jeff Pinkner (Alias), J.H. Wyman (The Mexican) and Bryan Burk (Star Trek), with Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Transformers), Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Transformers) and Akiva Goldsman (The Da Vinci Code) serving as consulting producers. The series stars Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick (The Wire), Blair Brown (Altered States), Jasika Nicole (Take the Lead) and John Noble. Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek) is a recurring guest star. Fringe is from Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Fringe has been showered with critical accolades, with Rolling Stone praising the show's "unfailingly amazing cast and dialogue," while Entertainment Weekly lauded its "wickedly smart and darkly humorous plots."

"Warner Home Video is excited to release Fringe: The Complete Second Season to its loyal and enthusiastic fans on both DVD and Blu-ray," said Rosemary Markson, WHV Vice President, TV and Special Interest Marketing. "In its sophomore season, the mythology behind Fringe revealed itself in increasingly more intriguing ways, and this release features all 23 episodes, including The Unearthed Episode starring Kirk Acevedo as Charlie, plus over four hours of dazzling special features."

DVD & Blu-ray Special Features Include: * The Mythology of Fringe
* Fringe: Analyzing the Scene Sidebars on 6 Key Episodes
* In the Lab with John Noble and Prop Master Rob Smith
* Commentary on 4 Episodes by Series Stars and Creative Team
* Unusual Side Effects: Gag Reel
* Dissected Files: Unaired Scenes

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Updated 9/21/10  


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