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Friday the 13th: The Series - The Complete Series DVD cover


Friday the 13th: The Series - The Complete Series

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 8/30/16

This show has always been one that's sometimes hard to watch, but it's also hard not to watch, once you start. It delves into the depths of the human psyche - the violent and crazy parts of it, anyway.

There have been many cast changes over the years, but this year, the show lost Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan).  He's the reason many of us started or stayed watching, so it'll be interesting to see how the show handles thI enjoyed this show back in the 90's. It aired originally from 1987-1990, but I didn't watch it then because I thought it was based on the movies of the same name, and I don't like slasher films. I made the same mistake with "Poltergeist: the Legacy" (1996). You'd think I would have learned by then!

Back in the 70's and 80's, they had a lot of low budget syndicated shows like this one. In the days before there were many cable channels, they had these low-budget horror and scifi shows that aired on your local stations, not on a network. Some of them were pretty good. However, compared to today's shows, they often had bad special effects, 80's styles and an acting style that's a little less realistic than what we have now. If you can get through things, then the stories on this show are not bad and are often very scary.

This is a fun show to watch (and often unintentionally funny); people of any age should enjoy it (it may be too scary for younger children).  Those of us who watched it back on TV should own it because it's worth viewing again.

There aren't a lot of special features, just some promos and a lengthy featurette called "Sales Presentation." I assume, after viewing it, that this is what the show's production company made in order to try to sell the series to more stations. I wish there were extras, but it's still good to have the set. It's a bargain, too, for such a large set. You get all three seasons! Just in time for Halloween viewing.

The only other drawback is that there are no subtitles or closed-captioning, from what I could figure out. There's no setup menu.  That's a shame because I can't always understand what theyr'e saying.  I guess it gives you that total 80's experience!


Friday The 13th: The Complete Series 
Release Date: September 6

Micki Foster inherits an antique store from her Uncle Lewis, but this is no ordinary antique shop. Lewis made a deal with the devil -- in exchange for material wealth, he will sell cursed antiques. Micki, along with cousin Ryan and her partner, retired magician Jack, have the duty of recovering the antiques to be sealed in their basement, where the items can't cause more harm.

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Page updated 8/30/16

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