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Review by Suzanne 4/16/07

The Best of the Flip Wilson Show

Best of Flip Wilson DVD cover

If you're a huge fan of Flip Wilson, you will want to get this set. Otherwise, it's not really worth the money.

Don't get me wrong, it's great to see the Flip Wilson episodes. I enjoy them on TV Land as well. However, this set has too little for you to work bothering with, unless you are a real fan and they don't release any more. Although there are three disks, there are only two episodes on each disk, which is only 6 measly episodes. What's more, they are mostly from 1973-76, except for one '72 episode. I would really like to see the earlier episodes from 1970-72.

Some of the humor is very dated, very 1970's, but others you will find amusing still. It is always great to see how young some of the actors or other performers look from 30 years ago.

I don't know who picked these particular episodes, or why. Perhaps it has something to do with music copyright issues, as is often the case nowadays with DVD's. It's almost not worth owning at all. The features are pretty lame as well. There is an interview with the producer of the show, who is really boring. I don't know why there are no interviews with other people associated with the show, such as writers, or frequent guests like George Carlin, or even Flip Wilson's children or ex-wife.

Besides that, there are two cartoons that Flip narrated, featuring his characters. It seems to be an attempt at a Fat-Albert-type of show. They are not worth watching, in my opinion. The only other extras are a short written bio of Flip, and some static pictures. Plus, Tim Conway and Phyllis Diller do introducer some of the episodes. It's just too little. I hope sometime they bring out more episodes and features.

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Updated 4/16/07 


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