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5ive Days to Midnight (2004)

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 "5ive Days to Midnight" (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne 11/1/04

This was a very suspenseful, exciting drama. The acting was very good and the dialogue was believable. The plot was basically solid; there were only a few times I thought the characters acted one way when I thought they should have done something else. For a film that is about 4 hours long, the time flew by as I wanted to see what happened next. It was very enjoyable.

Timothy Hutton plays a physics professor with a young daughter; his wife died when his daughter was born and they visit her grave every year on the daughter's birthday. They find a mysterious briefcase containing a police evidence file, for his unsolved murder, which is to take place five days later. There are crime scene photos and other shocking evidence. At first he thinks it's a hoax, but as things start to happen, he realizes that the file is real. The only disappointing thing about this is that they never explain how or why the time travel took place, but I guess if I were worried about dying in five days, I might not care so much about that, either.

The other characters include his girlfriend, her mobster husband, a police detective, his weird graduate student, and his brother-in-law. During the mini-series, we not only get interested in what will happen to the main character and his daughter, but we find out that the others are all suspects in the murder as well. It is part whodunnit, part suspense drama, and part science fiction, which makes for an interesting combination.

The plot twists and turns, and there are a lot of surprises, mostly about the characters. I didn't see anything too obvious about what was going to happen, but I am not the type of person to think ahead while watching TV, so I couldn't tell you if it was predictable or not. It wasn't obviously so, at any rate.

I like that the characters are very smart. The physics professor, his daughter, and his grad student are all geniuses, yet they still are relatable as human beings.

Since this is twice as long as a regular film, you are definitely getting value for your money. It also has many extra features that I enjoyed. It is worth spending your money on.

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Updated 7/6/05  


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