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Fat Actress - The Complete First Season

Fat Actress DVD photo

 Fat Actress - The Complete First Season (DVD)

  Review by Boo 5/17/05

This Showtime series is like a cross between Anna Nicoleís show and ďCurb Your EnthusiasmĒ. Kirstie Alley has taken her life and turned it into a sitcom. The show revolves around her; her personal assistant, Eddie (played by Bryan Callen); and her personal make-up artist, Kevyn (played by Rachel Harris). It shows the struggles of an actress that used to be very much in demand but recently has gained way too much weight to get a job in acting again. Kirstieís ability to look at her life and make fun of it is amazing at times.

There are many well-known guest stars, some playing fictitious characters and others playing themselves. Mayim Bialik (Blossom) plays herself, as a neighbor of Kirstieís that doesnít really get along with Kirstie at all. Kelly Preston plays diet guru Quinn Taylor Scott, who advises Kirstie of the "proper" ways to diet (which includes how to make yourself throw up and the right parasites to eat). Kid Rock stars as himself, but as a wanna-be love interest for Kirstie.

The box set of season one comes with two DVDís. The second one has quite a few extras on it. There is a pretty good commentary, a cool short of the premier party, some of the deleted scenes, and a really cute Showtime Short. The other three extras are an advertisement for Dish network, the biographies of the main stars of the show, and previews of other box sets that are coming out for Showtime.

The show is painful to watch at times as we see a woman that is desperate to hold on to fame that she once had. Kudos to her friends (like John Travolta) that humor her and donít have the guts to tell her to just let it go and find another career. I donít see this show lasting more than a couple of seasons at best. For Kirstieís sake, I hope I am wrong. Click here to read more about the show. If you are a Kirstie Alley fan, I would recommend buying the box set. If you are not a big fan, I would say wait till it is available to rent. The show was entertaining to pass the time but not something that I would spend my money on.

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Updated 7/6/05  


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