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Review by Suzanne 7/24/07

Fail Safe (2000)

Fail Safe DVD cover

This was a live TV movie in 2000. It boasts a stellar cast of movie stars such as Georgie Clooney, Richard Dreyfuss, Brian Dennehy, Harvey Keitel, James Cromwell, Sam Elliot, and Don Cheadle, as well as Noah Wyle and Hank Azaria.  It was based on an old script that was turned into a movie back in the 1960's. The 2000 version was also shot in black and white and shot live, like an old TV show.

It is an excellent movie about the cold war. A computer malfunction triggers an unwanted nuclear attack that ends in disaster for all.  It is a depressing and chilling movie.  Even though there is no longer a Soviet threat, it is still thrilling and scary because of 9/11 and other threats out there.  There is a moment in the movie when we are even reminded of 9/11 in a too-real way.

This movie, which is introduced by Walter Cronkite, is well worth watching.  There are no extras, which is a shame. I would love to have seen an interview with Clooney or any of the other actors or directors.  There is also no closed-captioning, which is really too bad. Even though it was shown live in 2000, they've had plenty of time to put in closed-captioning since then.  Don't they think that the sight-impaired would enjoy such a fine film? Tsk tsk.

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Updated 7/24/07 


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