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Exploding Sun DVD cover


Exploding Sun

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 10/10/13

This is a fun movie and part of the "Doomsday Series" of scifi films that have been showing on Reelz.  They always have lots of action and fun special effects.

This one is about a private spacecraft being sent out into space, which somehow affects the sun, which in turn sends harmful rays to the Earth (I didn't really understand the technical stuff, to be honest).

Anthony Lemke stars as the guy in charge of the spacecraft. I really like him, and he has a lot of charisma and great looks.  David James Elliot (most well known for "Jag") plays a former astronaut. The two men dislike each other because of past history.  The third-billed star is Julia Ormond. She plays a doctor, who's in Afghanistan helping women. Her husband is one of the astronauts in the spaceship.

The cast is pretty huge because this is basically a disaster movie. Like all disaster movies, we get to see who lives and who dies, and how they prevent the Earth from exploding. That part of the story was very good. Overall, I enjoyed it. I wouldn't expect it to hold up well under thorough examination, especially by anyone who really knows science.

The DVD has interviews with each of the cast. Those are great to watch!




Emmy© Award Winner Julia Ormond Stars In The Explosive End-Of-The-World Thriller Arriving On Blu-ray and DVD October 15 From Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment And Sonar Entertainment

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – An exciting voyage takes a fatal turn when the never-before-seen extended version of Exploding Sun shoots onto Blu-ray and DVD October 15 from Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment and Sonar Entertainment. When Earth faces the ultimate threat, two men have one chance to save humanity. Starring Emmy© award winner Julia Ormond (“Mad Men,” “Temple Grandin”), David James Elliot (JAG), Natalie Brown (Being Human) and Anthony Lemke (Lost Girl), Exploding Sun originally premiered on September 9 on ReelzChannel, concluding the doomsday film series, which featured five epic experiences.

History is made as the first-ever commercial space flight is launched into space for the first time as the world watches in awe. When a solar storm hyper-changes the engine and sends it hurtling toward the sun, it triggers a cataclysmic solar storm that could blow Earth all the way back into the Stone Age. For those at Mission Control and everyone else on board, including the First Lady, preparing for the inevitable seems to be the only horrifying option. The future of the world is left in the hands of two men who will risk their lives in order to save all humanity. The biggest source of life turns into our greatest threat when an extended version of Exploding Sun, not seen on television, blasts onto Blu-ray and DVD October 15 at the suggested retail price of $29.95 and $19.97, respectively.


A solar flare four times larger than Earth plunging toward the planet, Military scientist Dr. Jane Brandt calls upon the one man who can possibly reverse the cataclysm: a renegade ad-hoc scientist who warns the countdown to the end of humanity has begun.


  • Price: $29.95 Blu-ray / $19.97 DVD                       
  • Street Date: October 15, 2013                                   
  • Pre-Book: September 3, 2013           
  • Catalog Number: RH9345 Blu-ray / RH9346 DVD
  • Language:  English
  • Running time: TBD                       
  • Rating:  NR            

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Page updated 11/27/13

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