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 Everwood: The Complete Fourth Season


  Review by Suzanne 8/10/11

I really loved this show when it was on and watched it religiously. It is a nice family drama. Some might call it a soap opera. It had a great cast and fun writing, and most of all, it had a lot of heart. I was very sad when they canceled it.

It is great to have the last season on DVD. I am definitely going to have to buy the first three years' worth of DVD's as well.

I guess they figured they ran out of ideas, but to me it was a great show all the way through. I only watched it to begin with because Treat Williams starred in it. I always loved him. I just wish he didn't have a beard in it because he is so much more handsome without it.

The DVD set only has a few extras. There are many unaired scenes (scenes that were cut from the show), including an alternate ending to the last episode. I'm glad they went with the ending that they chose because the other one is too uncertain and depressing. I like a happy ending, and I'm sure all the fans were grateful they did that, too.

I wish there were more extras. I would have liked to have heard why the show got canceled or why they had an alternate ending, etc. The stars are all still around, so they should have interviewed them for the set.

The only problem I had with the last season was their killing off Irv. I really liked him and Edna. Irv narrated the first season of the show, and for some reason they had him stop doing that by the second season (I think). I don't know why, but it was a shame.

If you like good drama, you should get this whole series, and especially this last set. It has a good ending for the series.

More info:

Everwood: The Complete Fourth Season streets 8/2. For fans of Everwood, all 22 episodes of the fourth and final season of this hit family friendly drama are now available for the first time ever on DVD in a 5-disc collectors' set.

Everwood: The Complete Fourth Season
Release Date: August 2, 2011
Official URL:
Genre: Drama, Television

Synopsis: The final season of the series set in a welcoming town in the Rockies is all about finding oneself and finding each other. Here, in the 5-Disc, 22 Episode Season Four, the unforgettable people of Everwood test the ties that bind them together in joy and tears, friendship and love. Drawn by his feelings for Amy, Ephram returns home and mentions a troubled piano prodigy. When Nina chooses Jake over him, Andy struggles to remain friends with the women he loves. Bright and Hannah make their unlikely romance work. The Abbotts open their arms to a new child. Intriguing characters arrive and beloved characters depart. Say goodbye to the place and the people that won your heart and discover how everything turned out!

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Film Clip: Morning - 1:09

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Updated 8/10/11  


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