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Everwood: The Complete Third Season DVD cover

 Everwood: The Complete Third Season

  Review by Suzanne 6/30/10

I loved this show when it was on the air, and I watched every episode. The main reason I started watching was because of Treat Williams. He is a fabulous actor and was very sexy back in the 1980's. He still is, as a matter of fact. I got hooked on the show because it was a quirky family drama, somewhat of a soap opera but also fun. It had a great folksly voice-over from the character of Irv, which reminded me a bit of another great show, "Evening Shade".  My only complaint is that I like Treat Williams better without the beard!

Treat Williams' character, Andy, is excellent. He is not a "hero" when the show begins. He is pretty unlikable, and we find out that he has not been a very good father or husband.  The first two seasons mostly dealt with them getting to know their father, and the whole family getting to know Everwood.

It seems like the third season was not as tight as the first two. They may not have planned on having more than two seasons and were kind of stuck with where to go once it was clear that Andy and his children get along better and he's not such a bad guy, and they like Everwood.  This season is kind of a transitional season, but I can't say the fourth was any better. It's too bad because I would have liked to have seen where a fifth season went.

They brought in some new characters in this season, and I liked Anne Heche's guest-starring role, but it was ultimately a bit frustrating.  It's very good soap opera, even if it wasn't quite as good as the first two seasons.

The DVD does not have many extras, which is a shame. It just has some outtakes. They are fun to watch. I hope that the DVD for the 4th season has more to offer in the way of extras. I hope the writers talk about how things progressed and where they would have taken the show, had it not been canceled.

You definitely want to watch the first two seasons of Everwood before watching this third season!

More info:

 Synopsis: This season, love is in the clear mountain air of Everwood. Back from a troubled summer at Juilliard, Ephram commits himself to his music and to Amy. Andy is drawn to a patient's wife - and into an ethical dilemma. Dr. Jake Hartman moves to town and starts eating a lot of pancakes, as long as Nina's serving 'em up. And mousey Hannah Rogers flips over Bright. But don't expect love to conquer all, especially when the secret Andy kept from Ephram last season comes spilling out. Suddenly, trust is destroyed, lives are turned upside down and the bonds of love - romantic and father-son - are stretched to the breaking point. Andy wanted Everwood to be his family's home. Now it may be just another place they used to live.


Available on DVD: June 15th

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Updated 6/30/10  


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