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Eve of Destruction

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 7/20/13

I enjoyed this movie much more than most shlocky Syfy disaster movies. The actors really elevate the material.

In this movie, some scientists are experimenting with "dark matter" to come up with a cheap energy source when they accidentally burn down some houses (and might do a lot more). I don't want to tell you more so you will be spoiled.

Steven Weber (one of the scientists) is one of my favorite actors, so it's great to see him in this. The character is perfect for him. He's kind of a jerk (like he plays a lot) because he's grieving for his wife and trying to cope with his growing daughter. Christina Cox (whom I remember so well from "Defying Gravity"!) plays another scientist, his partner and ex-lover.  Treat Williams is superb as the boss that pays for their experiments. He does a great job, although the character is written in a very one-dimensional way. He only seems to care about money and nothing else. Aleks Paunovic plays Ruslan, a man whose village is destroyed at the beginning of the movie, and then later he warns the scientists that they are endangering everyone.  You will recognize him when you see him because he's played a bad guy for many years in film and TV.

If you like a lot of action and fun special effects, with some serious warnings about playing with scary science, then you'll enjoy it!!  Or just sit back and enjoy the acting and the characters because they're the best part about it.

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