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ER - The Complete Eighth Season

ER - The Complete Eighth Season

by Suzanne 2/5/08

What can I really tell you about ER that you don't already know? If you haven't watched this show before, you must be living under a rock or something. It's been around 13 years, which is a long time, especially for shows nowadays. I have watched it off and on for years, so I'm happy to see the episodes I missed on DVD.

The 8th Season was a pivotal season because two major cast members, Anthony Edwards (Mark) and Eriq La Salle (Peter) left the show, and we learned more about Noah Wyle's character John Carter. Many of the lead characters that are on the show now, started that season. So it's interesting to watch. To me the show is now just as good as it was back then. It's always exciting, with lots of drama, tension, romance, humor, and more. It's a far better soap opera than General Hospital is now. From the beginning, it redefined the medical drama and easily beat out its competition of the time (Chicago Hope).

This is a good set for any ER fan to own. I wish it had more extras, but perhaps after 8 seasons, that's asking too much? I don't know. It only has deleted scenes and gag reels. It would take you a long time to watch the entire series of ER, but I guarantee you that if you start with this one, you won't be lost, and you will really enjoy the ride.

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