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 ER: Season 15 (The Final Season)

  Review by Suzanne 7/10/11

I love ER. I watched all 15 seasons. I think they were all great, no matter who was on it, from George Clunie to John Stamos. The writing was really the star of the show. ER is basically a soap opera, but it was very forward-thinking in every way. It invented great camera angles and techniques that are now done everywhere. The stories were often shocking and outrageous, and they also focused on social issues and on the doctors and their personal problems.

It was really what General Hospital should have been. As a GH fan, I loved ER, and I wish GH had tried to emulate it rather than just giving up and becoming a show about mobsters instead.

This last season was great, and I still don't know why they decided to end it. It was fantastic right up until the end. I still miss it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Besides the episodes, there are quite a few outtakes from many of the episodes. There is also a special retrospective featurette called "Previously on ER".  All of the actors, Steven Spielberg and more, talk about the show. It is very interesting to watch. They talk about all the different things that were great about the show.  This is a great set to have for any TV fan.

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Updated 7/19/11  


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