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ER: The Complete Fourteenth Season


  Review by Suzanne 1/20/11

What's always been great about this show is that no matter what actors were in the cast, the writing and acting were superb.  The action and stories are always great. This last season was no different. In fact, I thought they had really found their second wind on the show, so I was very disappointed when they canceled it.  In fact, I'm still annoyed about it!

This DVD is the next-to-last season.  John Stamos slowly moves into the role of leading man in the show, and he handles it very well. He was a worthy successor to George Clooney.  They did have a writer's strike during this season, so the show was cut short. A lot of great guest-stars and big actors in recurring roles came through this season, though, even as short as it was.

Any fan of ER or any medical drama should love this DVD set (or any of the ER sets, for that matter). Although at times it is sort of a soap opera, it's never hard to follow. You really don't have to go back and watch the first 13 seasons to appreciate this one. You will enjoy it, though, if you do.

ER was the best medical show to come along in a long time, and it is the reason for the success of shows like Grey's Anatomy. They really pioneered how TV now shows so much medical blood and guts and using a lot of complicated medical terminology (but not underestimating the viewer), as well as having the exciting ER-like drama and action that goes along with the personal lives of the doctors. It may well be the best medical show ever, and it may also be the best soap opera ever (and that includes daytime soaps).

Synopsis from Warner Brothers: At an ER party, Nurse Chuny Marquez recalls, “I still remember when Mark Green and Doug Ross were running the place.” “Who?” asks a newcomer. So much has happened in 14 seasons, so many people have come and gone, but the chaos of saving lives and the dedication of the people who make County General run remain. In this penultimate season of the powerful, award-winning series, personal tragedies threaten – and sometimes strengthen – relationships among the staff. And the patients bring their own compelling stories. A boy genius diagnoses his mysterious illness, a cancer-ridden prison doctor is haunted by the men he put to death, a woman arrives in the ER expecting her 13th baby. Triumph, loss, tears, joy…next!

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Updated 1/20/11  


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