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ER 12th season DVD

ER: The Complete Twelfth Season

by Suzanne 12/31/09

ER in its 12th season had a lot of interesting characters that came and went. They were part of the cast, but they didn't all stay long. They were more like guest stars for multiple episodes. Although the big stars of the past had mostly left the show, they brought in other great stars to focus on like John Stamos, Linda Cardellini, John Leguizamo, and Goran Visnjic, to name a few. The stories were just as great as they always were. They are exciting and twisting, so you're not sure what's going to happen. The great characters draw you in every week. This particular season also showed us many scenes in Darfur with Pratt and Carter.

Personally I loved ER, to the very end, and I was very annoyed when they canceled it. The show went on for three more years after this one, and it was still better than most shows. NBC should have kept it going. Even in those few times when the show was uneven, it still had fabulous characters.

Anyway, the extras include many deleted scenes for each episode. There are no other extras. I guess after 11 seasons, they have nothing more to say? It would have been nice to hear from people like John Leguizamo and John Stamos about their turns on the show.

If you want good drama, watch this one! It is well worth it. ER does tend to be a little gross sometimes when the strive to be realistic, so you probably don't want to watch it while eating. They have blood, vomiting, etc.

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Updated 12/31/09  


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