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ER season 11 DVD cover ER: The Complete Eleventh Season

by Suzanne 7/7/09

ER is a great show. It's arguably the best medical show ever written for TV (how else to explain its longevity, despite massive case changes over the years?). It's very good drama, very good soap opera, and it has fine actors.

It's good to collect all of the ER episodes, so you can have them, uncut by commercials. Season 11 is the latest one out for sale. That means there are only 4 years left. I don't know why they didn't keep going for another 5 years, at least. I really miss it.

I'm glad to have this set, but there isn't too much you can say about it as a DVD. There are few extras aside from some deleted scenes. I guess they ran out of cast to interview or things to say about the show? Oh, well... it's good to have, anyway. It arrives in stores July 14, 2009.

You can read more extensive reviews about the episodes at Amazon. Click on the link above (on the DVD cover).  Buy it now!

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Updated 7/7/09  


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