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ER: The Complete Tenth Season

by Suzanne 3/19/09

I had stopped watching the show for a while, and I believe this is the season where I started watching again. The show is still going great this year, 5 years later! Season 10 was a good transitional year as Carter and others are on their way in, and Neela, Sam, and others are on their way in. The stories are always excellent on ER, no matter which actors are playing the characters. However, they do a great job of casting some fine actors as well, and season 10 was no different.

As always, there are many great guest stars that year, including Bob Newhart. Jimmy "J.J." Walker, Jr., and Lost's Daniel Dae Kim, among others. If you are a "High School Musical" fan, don't miss Zac Efron as Bobby in the third episode "Dear Abby".

The features include a funny gag reel and some other unaired scenes. It's a shame there's not more. However, any fan of TV Drama should enjoy this disk set.

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Updated 3/19/09  


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