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Entourage: The Complete Sixth Season

 Entourage: The Complete Sixth Season

  Review by Suzanne 6/28/10

The show is about a group of friends who work in Hollywood. I've heard very good things about it but never actually seen it before. I'd heard that Jeremy Piven plays an agent who acts like an ass. I thought it was a comedy, but it's not quite that, either. It's what I usually refer to as a light drama. It has some comedy, some drama, but it's not like a laugh riot. It's not there just to make you chuckle, like, say, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" or "Family Guy". The part I find funniest is how Ari treats his assistant, Lloyd. The rest is not laugh-out-loud funny, but it is enjoyable.

The show's characters are all really likeable (even Ari). You just really like these guys and wish you would hang out with them. That is part of the appeal. For anyone who loves the inside world of Hollywood, this is a fun show to watch. It really shows you the ins and outs of that business world. The show merges reality with fiction the same way that "Curb Your Enthusiasm" does, in the sense that some actors play fictional characters, and some actors play themselves (or at least fictional versions of themselves).

The sixth season is all about how most of the characters are doing really well, at least for a while, after becoming successful. I gather seasons 1-5 were more about how they were struggling to get there. It's hard to say who is my favorite character. I really like Eric, who's known as E to his friends. He reminds me a little of comedian Hal Sparks. But it's a great ensemble. The writing is excellent. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep watching the show, but it really sucked me in. I was done watching the first DVD disk before I even realized it. It is definitely worth renting or buying.

Now that I am sucked in, I guess I will have to go back and watch seasons 1-5. Season 7 just started on HBO, too, this week.

There are many great extras. They have recaps of the first three seasons of the show, audio commentaries, the usual stuff. There is a good overall extra called "Life at the Top", all about this season. There is a fun feature, "A Day at the Speedway", about how they filmed one scene in the show, where they raced cars. Then there is another extra where Matt Damon directs the character Vince in a short commercial for charity, while Ari watches. It is pretty funny just on its own.

More info:

HBO Presents Entourage: Season Six on DVD June 22

"It just gets better and better" - Newsday

Entourage®: The Complete Sixth Season

Available on DVD and - For the First Time - on Blu-rayTM Disc

Exclusively from HBO Home Entertainment® on June 22, 2010

Includes All Twelve Episodes, Behind-the-Scenes Interviews, Featurettes and Hilarious Commentaries from Cast and Crew

New York, N.Y., March 9, 2010 - The boys are back! The sixth season of the Emmy®, Golden Globe® and Peabody award-winning hit comedy series Entourage® returns to store shelves on June 22, 2010 from HBO Home Entertainment®, just weeks before its seventh season premiere. Entourage®: The Complete Sixth Season marks the Blu-ray Disc premiere of the series and, along with the SD version, contains all 12 episodes and bonus behind-the-scenes features and commentaries in a three-disc set - all for the suggested retail price of$49.99 and $39.98 respectively.

Called "mystifyingly satisfying" (The Hollywood Reporter), the sixth season of Entourage provides "plenty of fun with the boys" (Chicago Sun-Times). Vince is on the verge of ending a prolonged career slump thanks to an offer to star in Martin Scorsese's "Gatsby." Now, with the film about to open, he's a hot property once again, but is it time for the rest of the crew to finally step out of his shadow?

With extensive bonus materials on both the SD and BD versions, fans can further immerse themselves in the hip, Hollywood lifestyle of Vince and the gang. Features include "Life at the Top," an exclusive look at the making of season six featuring interviews with cast and crew; "A Day at the Speedway," a behind-the-scenes feature with cast and crew as they race Ferraris at the Auto Club Speedway; "ONE x ONE PSA," directed by Matt Damon; and three hilarious audio commentaries with creator/executive producer Doug Ellin, executive producer Ally Musika, Adrian Grenier (Vince), Kevin Connolly (Eric), Kevin Dillon (Drama), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle), Jeremy Piven (Ari), and Bob Saget.

Additional cast members include Rex Lee as Ari's harried assistant Lloyd; Debi Mazar as Vince's publicist Shauna; Carla Gugino as Ari's nemesis Amanda; Emmanuelle Chriqui as Eric's ex-girlfriend Sloan; Gary Cole as Ari's embattled colleague and Beverly D'Angelo as Ari's partner Babs. Celebrities appearing as themselves in cameos this season include Matt Damon, LeBron James, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Tom Brady, Ed Burns, Zac Efron, 50 Cent, Alexis Dziena, Steve Nash, Jami Gertz and David Schwimmer.

Entourage®: The Complete Sixth Season DVD

Street Date: June 22, 2010

Order Date: May 18, 2010

Rating: TV-MA

Runtime: Approx. 326 minutes (not including bonus features)

Price: $39.98 SD

SRP Price: $49.99 BD

Entourage®: The Complete Sixth Season is backed by a national promotional and publicity campaign.

About HBO Home Entertainment®

In its 25 years in operation, HBO Home Entertainment has earned a worldwide reputation as a pioneer in the DVD industry as well as the digital technology and internet frontiers. The first company to successfully release full-length TV series in the DVD format, HBO Home Entertainment created a new category for consumers with titles like Sex and the City®, The Sopranos®, Band of Brothers® (which remains the #1 selling TV-on-DVD since its release in 2002), and the most recent hit True Blood®. In addition, HBO Home Entertainment's catalog contains theatrical features such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, one of the top 10 selling DVDs of all time. The company was also the first in the world to release television programming in the new Blu-ray high-definition format in 2006. It was also one of the first in the video industry to use the internet to expand its marketing beyond traditional vehicles and to revolutionize DVD packaging with the creation of releases that have won multiple awards including a recent DVD Critics Award for The Sopranos®: The Complete Series - a first for television. In addition, the division utilizes innovative manufacturing-on-demand technology to broaden its number of releases and sells digital versions of its titles via the internet. Today, HBO Home Entertainment's reach has grown to over 70 countries around the world, bringing HBO branded entertainment to a global audience.

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