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Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete 3rd Season  

 Star Trek: Enterprise - The Complete Third Season (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  9/30/05

They are really rushing Enterprise out on DVD this year, which is great for us fans.  They have made great packages, too, which are not only functional but look really cool. I also like the little booklet that comes with it that has short episode synopses and an overview of the series and the season.   I don't know if I'd say the very high prices are worth owning the set -- only you can judge that for yourself.  It depends on what kind of fan you are of the show (all the Trek shows, for that matter).

The third season of the show was mostly about the war with the aliens called Xindi. I think there were a lot of great episodes in this season. I have read, though, that some fans complained that the show was too much of a "soap opera" or that it spent too much time on the Xindi storyline. Frankly, I thought this year was better than the second.  The ratings were never as good as they should have been, so I think the network put a lot of pressure on the writers and producers to "fix" things each season.  That's why each season is a bit different in focus.  By the last season, they sort of got back to what made Trek great, but so many fans had given up on it by that time, it was too late.  It's a good show, so that is a real shame.

A great deal of care obviously went into the packaging to make these disks special for Star Trek fans.  Also, the menus on the disks are very cool-looking, like what you might see on the comm of a starship.


The Xindi Saga Begins - a short feature introducing the Xindi saga, with clips from the show and chatter by the producers/writers.

Enterprise Moments - a selection of scenes about the shows and characters, with comments from the show.

A profile of actor Connor Trinneer (Trip) -  A great extra for any Trip fan!

A Day in the Life of a Director: Roxann Dawson - The actress from "Voyager" directs an episode of the show and does a behind-the-scenes short about the experience.

Outtakes - Always fun to have bloopers!  Every single DVD should have them.

Photo Gallery - standard photos from the show (personally I always find this boring)

Borg Invasion Trailer - This has nothing to do with Enterprise.  It's an ad for the newer Trek ride in Las Vegas called "Borg Invasion"'s too short, too.  Kinda pointless!

I am very glad to be collecting these disks...why not rent or buy them yourself and check them out? If you never watched the show, you might be pleasantly surprised at how good it is.

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Updated 9/30/05  


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