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Emergency - Season Two


Emergency Season 2 (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 2/26/06

This was a fun action show of the 70's that combined medical drama with chases and other street action.  It had handsome hunks like Randolph Mantooth. What else do you need?

T.V. has changed a lot in the thirty years since "Emergency!" first aired, so if you are not used to watching old television shows, you may find the plots a little slow or simplistic compared to today's shows. You can't use the same criteria to judge them.  They were of a different time and you have to view them as such. I do have to say, though, that compared to shows that tried to be "hip", like Starsky and Hutch, this show probably has less of a dated quality and fewer episodes with uninentional humor or over-acting.  They really tried to be very realistic about what happened in the day and the life of the average paramedic.  They also feature some police officers and doctors.

If you liked the cop show "Adam-12", you will like "Emergency".  Adam-12 was a very realistic show about patrolmen and Emergency does the same thing for firemen and paramedics.  Both shows were produced by Jack Webb ("Dragnet") and used the same writing team, from what I can tell.  The shows are good, solid dramatic shows, with some humor brought to the show by the young handsome firemen. As with any old show, there are many guest-stars that you will recognize that became more famous later on in TV and movies.

I noticed that the beginning of the DVD was somewhat grainy, but it was fine after that.  They look very modern (crisp and clear pictures) for something so old. As wiht most Universal TV disk sets, there are no extras. That is a real shame. It would be great to see interviews with the cast (most of whom are still living) and other features and commentary.

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Updated 2/26/06


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