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Eight Is Enough: The Complete Second Season Part 1 Eight Is Enough: The Complete Second Season Part 2


Eight Is Enough: The Complete Second Season

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 11/10/12

I loved this show. I didn't see it during the 70's, even though I was a teen then. I saw it later in re-runs. Still, it is very enjoyable. It's a good drama with a large cast. Although it's a drama, it has lots of humor as well. This is a much more realistic show than "The Brady Bunch" and probably a lot more representative to what a nice middle family in the 70's would have been like (or at least as much as TV would allow).

It's also great to watch the show because of the nostalgia factor. It's fun to see the 70's clothes and styles, and hear the language of the teens, and also to see all the actors from back then, especially the guest-stars. I think it holds up pretty well, despite some dated material. I think anyone would enjoy watching it, even if they weren't around back then.

Dick Van Patten is very likable as the dad, Tom, and they have some nice young actors playing his kids. The actress who played their mom died in the first season from cancer, very tragically, so rather than replace her, they had the character die, too. Their are some poignant moments in this season as Tom struggles to get past his grief and move on with his life (as do his kids).  Still, this is mostly light family fun, so it's not too "heavy".

There are no extras or features, which is a real shame, since most of the actors in the show are still alive. It would have been nice to hear them talk about the show and see how they are doing now. Still, it's great to have the collection of episodes. I am definitely going to have to buy the first season, too.

For some reason, they divided the season up into two parts, two separate DVD's. Make sure you buy them both, so you get the full 70's experience!


Warner Archive Presents:  eight is enough!

Synopsis Part 1:

Eight Is Enough began its first full season with a gaping hole in the center – the tragic loss of actress Diana Hyland, who played Bradford matriarch Joan. As the season begins, newspaper columnist Tom Bradford is now a widower and the Bradford clan is still healing. Thanks to the arrival of tutor Sandra Sue "Abby" Abbot (Betty Buckley), smiles come more quickly to the Bradford kids and love might just be in the air for Tom. While Cupid plays his games, the eight Bradford children mix humor and drama while confronting a host of life’s timeless travails as well as some contemporary controversies, from "trial marriage" and trial separations to real weddings, second mortgages and stolen holidays. Notable guests of the Bradfords found in this 4-Disc, 14-Episode collection include Alice’s Beth Howland, plus Don Johnson, Gerald McRaney, Will Geer and Robin Williams.

Synopsis Part 2:

 The second half of Eight is Enough’s sophomore season sees Abby fully ensconced as the new lady of clan Bradford, while the crew carries on after their stolen Christmas (see Eight is Enough: The Complete Second Season Part One). The new year brings with it a host of new challenges and comedy as Nicholas sees a UFO, the kids engage in some risky business while the parents are away, Tommy buys a term paper, and Tom finds himself a faux Dear Abby for his paper. But when Abby suffers a horrible head injury, the whole family must come together to share some special memories to make sure the family’s newest member makes it through the night. And keep your eyes peeled for Partridge Danny Bonaduce among the Bradford’s guests in this 3-Disc, 12-Episode Collection.

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Page updated 11/30/12

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