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Dream On - Seasons 1 & 2 (1990)

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 Dream On - First & Second Season (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  11/10/04

"Dream On" was a very funny sitcom from the early 90's.  It was on HBO, which meant it did have sex, four letter-words, and some violence.  Back then, not as many people watched HBO, but the show has developed a cult following over the years.  It was also shown on Comedy Central in reruns for a while.  The humor could often be slapstick, but as I said it was very funny and adult in nature.

The show's main character is Martin Tupper, a book editor who really wants to be a novelist.himself.  The show's theme song shows us that Martin grew up watching old television shows and that helped create his dreamer nature.  The show's "gimmick" is that while Martin lives his screwball-comedy life, little snippets of old TV shows are inserted into the show.  The snippets usually comments on or are relevant to what is going on in Martin's life, so it is what is flashing through his mind as he endures his funny-but-irritating life.

The only extra in this DVD set is a short introduction by the show's creator John Landis.  He explains that Universal had a lot of old footage from old 1950'w anthology series and they decided to use that in this show.  The show's main writers were Marta Kauffman and David Crane, who went on to create "Friends" on NBC.  The show also had many great guest stars.  I hope future DVD sets have interviews with some of the cast of the show, but it's still worth buying because it is such a funny show that is not seen anywhere else.

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