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Dollhouse season one DVD cover

Dollhouse: Season One

by Suzanne 10/7/09

I love this show, so I can't really give an objective review of the DVD or the show. You can read my previous review of last season's premiere episode.  I love SciFi, and I'm not particularly picky about the quality of it, although I can tell the difference between shows I like and shows that are good.

This is a good show, for the most part, but it is uneven. It's never really bad, it's just that some episodes are better than others.  Joss Whedon created the show. He is most famous for creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly/Serenity.  He comes up with great ideas and writes fabulous dialogue. Dollhouse is not as good as those other shows, but I think it could become that good, given the chance. It's well on its way and the second season has barely started.

The DVD has the unaired pilot, "Echo", and the last episode of the season that they also decided not to air, "Epitaph One".  If you are a fan of the show, you definitely want to see "Epitaph One".  "Echo" is not really that necessary, but it is good to watch. They have many deleted scenes as well, and the usual type of features such as behind the scenes specials and commentaries. I enjoyed watching all of them.

I immediately loaned this set to a good friend who is into SciFi, too, and they loved it.  If you like SciFi, you will love the show. You will also love it if you just like good TV. It is very entertaining.

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