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Doctor Who: The Complete Specials

by Suzanne 1/31/10

I love Doctor Who, especially the new version that started in 2005. The first Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, was very good. When he left after the first year, it was disappointing. However, the next Doctor, David Tennant, was so wonderful and cute that the disappointment quickly faded. In 2007, it was announced that Tennant was leaving, as well as the man who runs the show, Russell Davies. Also, season 4 would finish in 2008 and there would be no new season until 2010 (which at that time, seemed like way too long to wait).

In the meantime, they mercifully made a few Doctor Who special movies to keep us going while they found a new doctor and reshuffled things behind the scenes. This set has those four specials, plus quite a few extras. They are very good, cinema-quality specials.

The first special, "The Next Doctor", arrived Christmas 2008 after fans had anxiously waited a long time. It was excellent and well worth the wait. They teased us with the title, with the idea that this gentlemen that the Doctor met might be one of his former selves that had lost his memory. Would this be the new doctor? They chose an excellent actor to portray him. Of course, he's not really The Doctor, but the story about why he thought he was The Doctor and how it was revealed was excellent. Heart-wrenching, even, as this show can often be. I cry sometimes when I watch it, just as much as I laugh, smile, and get giddy with excitement. It also involved Cybermen, one of the evil foes that the Doctor sometimes encounters.

The next movie was "Planet of the Dead", arriving April 2009. This special brought the doctor a new companion, although just for this one special. Again the casting job was great. They do a fine job of making sure that one-time-only-important guest stars are fabulous. She robs a museum and then gets on a bus, where the doctor is waiting. The bus then gets accidentally sent to a desert planet. Now, quite a few of the newer Doctor Who episodes involve the Doctor, stuck somewhere with a group of doomed people that get picked off one by one. They seem to like this type of story. However, every time I think, "Oh, no, not again", they give it some great twist to make it all worthwhile. The story was a bit silly at times, but it was very exciting and adventurous.

The third special was "The Waters of Mars", where The Doctor visits Mars in 2059. He figures out that the people there will die soon, and it's an important moment in history, so he doesn't want to stop it. It is a gripping episode.

The last special, "The End of Time", was a two-parter that just aired in December. It's the last episodes that will star David Tenannt, so that made it sad for me. It was an exciting show, though. It guest-starred Timothy Dalton (James Bond!) as another Time Lord. It had the wonderful John Simm returning as The Master, plus many great guest-stars from past Doctor Who episodes. I don't know how they will top themselves after this. What can Doctor Who save everyone from that's worse the end of time itself?

There are over seven hours of special features on the set! It includes all of the "Doctor Who Confidential" episodes that they showed on the BBC; deleted scenes from the specials; introduction by Russell T. Davies; Video Diaries by David Tennant;
audio commentary, and some other features like "The Final Days" and "Doctor Who at Comicon". It's a great set for anyone to have, but especially Doctor Who fans.

The DVD will be released February 2nd, 2010.

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Updated 1/31/10  


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