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Doctor Who Third Series DVD cover

Doctor Who - The Complete Third Series

by Suzanne 11/1/07

I love all of the new Doctor Who episodes. I've seen them all and really enjoyed them. I liked the first doctor just fine, and I was sad when he left, but the new doctor, David Tennant, is even better. He's much better looking, for one thing. The third series was his second. Just FYI, in Britain they call them "series" instead of "seasons". SO this is the third season of the new Doctor Who.

In this season, Martha replaces Rose. The Doctor gets a new companion. Martha is great fun and it's nice to see The Doctor get a companion who's as intelligent as she is beautiful.

This disk set is great. Not only does it have all of the great episodes of the third seasons, it has many features on every disk. Star David Tennant has a "video diary" on each disk. He basically talks, and he talks to others on the show. It's fun chatting. There's a special about the music and monsters on the show, and one where Freema (who plays Martha) gives a studio tour. It also has all of the usual stuff like deleted scenes, outtages, and audio commentary. It's a great set for any Doctor Who fan!!

This show only gets better every year. I urge you to buy them all! It's a show that not only has lots of fun and adventure, but tons of heart, pathos, romance, and humor as well.

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