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 Desperate Housewives: The Complete  Seventh Season


  Review by Suzanne 8/28/11

I have never seen any of the episodes of "Desperate Housewives" seasons 1-6. However, I already liked all of the actresses in the show, and it is a soap opera, so I always kind of figured that I would like the show. I planned to rent the DVD's at some point.

I watched this entire season 7, and I really enjoyed it (as I knew I would!). It's a great show. I can't believe that this upcoming season 8 is the last one. It's still a really good show. I am definitely going to have to watch all the other DVD's as well as the new season.

In this season, so much happens! Paul gets out of jail, and he creates a lot of problems, including a riot. Lynette's husband Tom gets a big, new promotion, and it causes problems in their marriage. Susan and her husband have financial problems, and she does a sexy cleaning show on the internet, and loses her teaching job. Later, she also loses a kidney and has to get a new one. Bree gets a sexy young boyfriend and then later starts dating a cop. Lynette's old friend Renee arrives and buys a house on their street. Renee has a past with Tom as well as Lynette. Gabrielle and her husband learn that their oldest daughter is not theirs, and later she has to have therapy (we learn more about her past). This leads to a really shocking season finale, with a murder that will no doubt lead into the next season. Lots of other exciting things happen, too. It's really a great soap opera.

I enjoy all of the characters in this show. Things move really fast in this primetime soap opera. I wish all daytime soaps were as good as this one. Since I loved "Ugly Betty", I'm glad to see that they added Vanessa Williams to the cast. She is playing a very similar character here (Renee has more heart than Wilhelmina ever did).

The DVD set is great. There are some nice extras. And I have to mention how amazing it is that even all of the features are closed-captioned! I rarely see that. There is a fun segment where the narrator of the show asks trivia questions, and the various cast members try to answer them. It's very cute, and an original idea. Another nice feature is "Growing up on Wisteria Lane". It focuses on all of the kids on the show, past and present. There are also many bloopers and deleted scenes. I sure wish that all of the TV DVD's were as great as this. ABC did a really good job.

More Info:

On behalf of Walt Disney Studio's Home Entertainment, we wanted to share
with you never-been-seen interviews with Desperate Housewives' Felicity Huffman is available on DVD on August 30th! You can pre-order your copies at the ABC Store:
Blooper clips and deleted scenes  
Interactive quiz: Desperate Housewives
Bonus Bloopers Nervous Energy Deleted Scene Bonus Solis Family Review

* Felicity Huffman tells us about the making of season seven and
balancing her career and motherhood.


Felicity HuffmanFor years, Tom and Lynette Scavo were the most stable couple on Wisteria Lane. How did you feel when you discovered they were going to split in Season Seven?
When we discovered the news that they were finally going to split this season, we were excited because it was going to be new ground for us to cover. It was dark territory, but it was thrilling.

Why do you think your character always ends up with such complex storylines on the show?
I have no idea. I think each of the women on Desperate Housewives represents something different to [show creator] Marc Cherry and thatís how he splits up the storylines. I feel like Iím better at the more complex issues that come up on the show, so thatís what he gives me. Some of the other actresses on the show are much better at portraying Marc Cherryís humor than me, so thatís what they are given for their characters. Itís a very specific type of humor and I don't think itís my forte; Iím better at other things instead. Maybe I messed up enough of his jokes for him to say, ďDon't have her be funny!Ē Perhaps thatís why my character deals with a lot of complex issues?

Letís step back in time for a secondÖ Was it fun to wear the fake pregnancy belly in Season Six Ė or was it a big hassle?
It was both. It was a hassle because it was somewhat uncomfortable. It was tight and huge, so it was terribly exhausting to wear and my shoulders would ache. However, the good news was that I could start eating bread again. I was getting larger and larger under the fat suit. I enjoyed that aspect of it Ė but now the fake belly has gone and Lynette has a new child, Paige.

How much of a challenge is it to work with the new baby in the cast for Season Seven?
Itís not difficult at all. The childís mother is always there, along with a baby expert who makes sure that we donít work the infant too hard, particularly when theyíre little. At that age, theyíre little units of sleep. Theyíre lovely to work with..

During the first season of Desperate Housewives, you had a busy time juggling work on the show alongside real motherhood duties at home. Is it easier to be a working mother now that your children are older?
Itís much, much easier now. Itís a completely different experience. The fact that I can say, ďPut on your shoes,Ē and they do it feels wonderful. At the start of Desperate Housewives, my children were one and three years old Ė and there was a lot of juggling involved. Nowadays, if I finish work around 6pm, I don't hang out on set a little longer so that I miss the bath time and the put down. I donít turn up at home late saying, ďOh, honey, I didn't finish until 8pm. Iím so sorry.Ē I can go home right away now. Itís a completely different animal.

Do your children understand what you do for a living?
Yes, they do. For a long time they thought I went to work and put on makeup. That was my job. However, now they understand that Iím an actress.

Do any of your children aspire to follow in your footsteps and act?
My oldest girl has talked about wanting to be an actress, but she also wants to be a Shamu trainer! To be honest, my husband and I would be okay if she chose a career in acting. I love acting; it's a great profession Ė but it's a tough industry to crack. They would definitely have to go to college first.

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Updated 8/31/11  


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