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Designing Women: The Complete Fifth Season DVD cover

 Designing Women: The Complete Fifth Season


  Review by Suzanne 11/16/11

I always enjoyed watching this show. I didn't watch it in the 80's, but later, in reruns. It is very funny, and it also manages to talk about many feminist issues. The actresses are great on the show and do a wonderful job. It's much more than just a younger version of "Golden Girls"! Also, it is one of the few realistic shows set in the south.

Although the women, of course, are the main characters, my favorite was always Anthony. He just cracked me up.

The fifth season is when the show was at its prime. I'm glad Shout! Factory is bringing these out for the fans. The show is still very funny, even though it's over 20 years old.

Unfortunately, the DVD does not have any extras or features. That is too bad, especially since most of the cast is still alive and would probably be happy to talk about the show.

Nonetheless, any fan of good comedy should love this set!

More Information:

Designing Women: The Complete Fifth Season
Starring Delta Burke, Dixie Carter, Annie Potts and Jean Smart

Suzanne, Julia, Mary Jo and Charlene - are all back for another season of Southern charm at Sugarbaker's. Designing Women: The Complete Fifth Season streets December 6, 2011 and will feature all 24 hilarious episodes. The DVD is a must-have for fans of contemporary TV classics and DVD collectors. "Designing Women: The Complete Fifth Season" is priced for everyone to own at $44.99.

Season Five continues to roll out laughs and surprises when Charlene (Jean Smart) enrolls in community college; Suzanne (Delta Burke) accidentally bids on a date with Anthony; Mary Jo (Annie Potts) decides she wants a baby; Julia (Dixie Carter) secretly moonlights at a local nightclub; Anthony (Mesach Taylor) meets the father he never knew; and Bernice (Alice Ghostly) gets her own cable access show!

Created by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (Evening Shade, Hearts Affire), "Designing Women" ran on CBS from 1986-1993 for seven hysterical seasons becoming a premier landmark sitcom in television history. The show was nominated for 18 Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes.

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Updated 11/16/11  


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